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And eventually, when the ban is lifted, the JW’s are still there and are often some of the most energised and faithful JW’s on the planet.Thus all one has to show for the weeping mountain of human torment and blood soaked misery caused by a ban is the same JW organisation, right back where it was, often stronger and more faithful than before. Enacting a ban is not a magic “make-cult-go-away” wand. These are probably the three most harmful practices that the Watchtower organisation is guilty of. Granted, there are many more problems in Watchtower, but few are of quite the same magnitude. Stupid but not something that warrants an FBI investigation. The deliberate refusal to report child abuse to the authorities.Your congregation has gone to ground, your worship, your study, your preaching work is done in secret.

Indeed, the whole creative process of Atum "hatching" out of his "egg" and initiating the "first occasion" ("zep tepi") takes place in an interstitial "First Time", the "Golden Age" of the gods and goddesses who, in the beginning of time and space itself, differentiate Atum in so many frequencies of natural differentials (natural laws and the accidents they describe). Spontaneously, the potential reverses and initiates its own law and energy.Now, ask yourself: If you were a JW, are you more likely or less likely to associate with those you consider hostile to your faith in this situation?