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The noradrenergic neurons in the brain form a sort of system, which is, in its turn, called norepinephrine system, that, when activated, exerts effects on large areas of the brain [1].

By this action we can call it a neurotransmitter system, because its main function is the transmission of nerve impulse, which causes the other nerve to fire and pass the message along the "chain".

Phenethylamine from chocolate is getting rapidly metabolized by the different enzymes of gastrointestinal tract, preventing significant concentrations from reaching the brain.

So, when you eat chocolate, you feel good from a sweet taste, and not the concentration of PEA in it. [5] Structural and functional organization of the cerebral dopaminergic system; Barishpolets VV, Fedotova Iu O, Sapronov NS.

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The natural sources fordopamine are proteins from such sources as meat, nuts and egg whites, they are getting broken down by the digestive system into amino acids such as l-tyrosine, a precursor to dopamine. The target cell expression of different types of receptors determines the ultimate cellular effect, and thus norepinephrine has different actions on different cell types.