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The rank was created in 1901, with Kaiser Wilhelm II (naturally) appointing himself the first rank holder.

King Oskar II of Sweden was granted the same rank that year as a ceremonial gesture.

More gold design work extends out from the silk field on which the batons and eagles are mounted.

Massive gold ringlets flow down majestically around their edges.

Instead of a Groadmiral’s crossed batons, those boards displayed FOUR pips, which indicated the equivalent of a Generaloberst in the rank of Generalfeldmarschall.

The latter was a rank often used by royals in the Imperial German Army, and officially WAS an la Suite position.

In fact, he retired before the war’s end due to health problems (he died in 1919).

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The epaulettes’ undersides are covered in navy-blue wool, another sure sign that they are correct for the Kaiserliche Marine.

A massive silver eagle grasping a fouled anchor in its claws overlays each baton set.

Just below a small gilt naval button on the epaulette’s tongue is a silver Kaiser Crown.

Nothing, however, has ever touched the sublime beauty of these truly magnificent specimens. Wool or felt is normally used for background material, not silk.

Each center is highlighted by a pair of crossed batons.That is, he was a Groadmiral in title, but his rank was more like that of an la Suite (an honorary appointment for royalty ONLY).


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