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Jak sie nazywa docelowa strona na której dokonuje sie zakupów?Znajomy zostal okradziony(zostala na stronie uzyta jego karta) i nie bardzo wiem komu napisac(administratorom strony),bo jedyne rzeczy jakie w przelewie pisze to "CNY ZIMAOTONG, BEIJING, CHN ALBO FTP*MMABILL GUANGDONG, CN. although credit card payments appear under the name "CC Keimery Tech"). although credit card payments appear under the name "CC Keimery Tech"). I purchase 2 Breville oven stove online it was black Friday Special for 46.99 USD and a week later I receive a email telling me that you can not ship to me because I live in Canada, but I don't see my money refunds back to my Credit card. Call the bank, blocked the card and now opening a dispute.I've had to cancel my visa card due to this matter. please help how to return your money Ho trovato un pagamento effettuato su una mia carta dal vostro sito di 70.50 euro ..io avrei effettuato una ricarica di 65 ....I've had major neck and back surgeries and the stress of this matter has caused me severe pain and stress. my credit card is charged for two sums for recipient pes * xm gwjck co, ltd and fht * mbifengs. Eeee in più ciò che avrei ordinato nn è arrivato credo che mi rivolgerò alle autorità They are definitely scammers.I've never heard of this company nor have I bought or received anything.I don't know how they were able to get my credit card details either as I'm very careful and don't save my credit card ever.I tried to contact the vender by email and the next day the website came up as “403 forbidden” I have contested the charge. I have been waiting patiently as I did not receive any emails regarding the order.I have no contacted my credit card company who will be looking into it however PED*NXFHL is listed as a clothing company.

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We are returning the order we did place and have had to ask 4 times for the correct address (in Asia) to return the merchandise.

FIRST OFF THE EMAIL I RECEIEVED WAS FOR he wind up with three different amounts.1., & .66 wtf this is so wrong I will make sure I'm on a us website before I order This company sells 'licensed' team sportswear under the name of Teams Sweatshirts.