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19-Sep-2017 15:34

So we’ll see what happens there, which I know the fans definitely want to find out.

The show is about dating in the Modern Orthodox world — something you’re very familiar with. Me, Danny, and Jessica, all grew up Modern Orthodox.

[Laughing.] Sarah Jacobs is actually based on a couple of people I know, so I spent time with them.

One of my old roommates is a big inspiration, and she knew it, and she was proud of it, so I would kind of follow her around, and just observe her and take little mannerisms.

However, the pilot episode has won wide acclaim — including Best Short at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, and has collected nearly 150,000 views on You Tube.

Ahead of the season finale, Gottfried sat down for a conversation with The Times of Israel about the show’s production, inspiration, and dating in the Modern Orthodox world. We’ve got the online finale of “Soon by You” season one right here — but before fans dig in, do you have anything to say about the episode?

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But we do what it takes to make it happen,” Gottfried told The Times of Israel.Well, it takes place at a wedding, and it’s a little bit different from our other episodes because of that — it pretty much all takes place in the one location.And we definitely will delve into what Sara and David are going through — sort of the repercussions of the previous episode when they had their little disagreement.And especially with episode five — the one releasing right now — she has a very strong, emotional scene in the episode where she reveals the pain that she’s really feeling. So, yeah, I mean, it’s a lot of what my friends are going through, what I’m going through, so it’s not hard to relate to her.

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Do you actually live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan?Sara Scur, who plays Sarah Feldman, is actually not Jewish, and Nathan Shapiro, who plays Ben, is also not Jewish [on his mother’s side].