Photo mak janda hot

02-Sep-2017 10:07

you and yoon eun hye are the best couple that i ever seen in korean drama. Just can't wait to see lie to me part 2 with you and yoon eun hye together again. oh please please make another korean movie with yoon eun hye oh please, you to look good together as a couple. drama airing here in the philippines,i hope someday you visit our country. *mwaaah* oh my god ,i wish and i might that maybe "lie to me" have part 2 because probably this movie is one of the greatest work of bolywood ..............................i hope its have part 2 ..........................thank you Hi, Mr. ^_^ Hopefully, there will be Lie to me Part 2, part 3, and so on which is tell about your marriage life. Its not impossible to happen coz you're a gem and excellent actor.. I think you take pride in all or your work (in everything) because the finish product is always outstanding! Sidenote:you are hotter than the young actors now.. Before I watched Hong Gil Dong, honestly I didn't know you!!!! I wish I will meet you one time in my real life!!!! Not that you don't have an attractive race, I've just never been attracted to anyone on a level of really liking them. im always watching by episode, its so romantic, the chimestry of kang ji hwan and yoon uen hye ..

), Coffee House, My GF's an Agent (sooo funny saw it twice! Your smile can hipnotize me,,,hopefully you'll play another comedy love drama soon,,i can't wait for,,,sarangheee Kang ji hwan :) I'm your fans from Indonesia... I love the way you smile and your eyes are irresistible to ignore!!! Storyline was amazing, I give props and two-thumbs up to the director, and the producers for such an uplifting and surprising love story. keep up the good work & congrats belatedly in all your past projects, winning best actor & all that! I always like your comedy but after watching your act in "incarnation of money" i really really believe in your acting, Plz play role in such good dramas with strong stories and I'm watching "Big man" your new drama,even though it doesn't seem this series to be as good as "incarnation ..." but your act and character as Ji-hyuk is great. Thank you for what you did,i can say it was the first time that i watched a whole TV SERIAL in my life and also not for one time I was really fall in love with your character in LIE TO ME , I started to learn Korean language which can give me chance to talk to you in your own language, I often travel to JEJU island its like heaven to me and I've always remember you there ,hope to hear more about your success in job and life ,the other interesting thing is that my birthday is the same day and year with you and the same blood type luck kisssssssssssss Thank you, thank you. I was tense the entire time and couldn't stop watching. In every movie he played in i swear i cried at lease once!!