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01-Jul-2017 10:27

Say “non-visible” or “non-apparent.”Many disabilities are not apparent, such as serious illnesses or chronic health conditions, sensory limitations, or mental-health and learning disabilities.

Some are fine with the descriptor “disabled,” which is in common use in the United Kingdom.

And while some gaffes can be overlooked and corrected with education, others are too painful to ignore or get past.

In the evening of the same day Petrovich met her after work, and they went to his home with the tacit intention to merge again in loving ecstasy. Home razuvshis Vadim went to the kitchen to put the bottle in the fridge with beer, and when I went into the bedroom and saw a wonderful picture.

Others may freely use “impaired.” However, as diversity leaders, it is our job to promote behaviors that make all people feel valued and included.