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29-Aug-2017 23:03

Pre S-Gr 1—The classic stories have been newly illustrated in a larger format.

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Now they have been brought together and come to life onscreen in these stunning, thirty-minute animated films. Tittlemouse Benjamin Bunny has now married his Cousin Flopsy, but their six little Flopsy Bunnies get into all manner of mischief. The Tale of Pigling Bland Pigling Bland and Pig-wig must escape the clutches of Mr.

Piperson before he can turn them into next season's bacon in this charming tale of a lovable pig who saves the day and gets his wish.

Beatrix Potter went on to publish more than 20 tales and collections of rhymes.

It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is "soporific".

Beatrix Potter loved the countryside and spent much of her childhood drawing and studying animals.