Updating a website using php

05-Oct-2017 14:45

Some examples of PHP and My SQL being used together are: You only really need three things to run PHP scripts which access My SQL databases. This can either be on a computer of your own or on a web host. You can also use most other types of database (SQL, Oracle etc.) but as this is a PHP/My SQL tutorial I will deal just now with the My SQL database (although the commands used here will also work with SQL databases).Any web server software should work with PHP and My SQL but the best to use is Apache, which is free. If it is not already installed you can install it (or ask your web host to install it). If you are not sure if you have PHP installed I will show you a way to check it later. As with the other software you need, My SQL is free and can be downloaded from the My SQL homepage.The name is one of those cute self-referential acronyms, the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.While PHP is a full programming language, it is designed to make adding basic interactivity to a web page easier than it would be with Java applets or CGI programs.It will allow you to store names with their addresses, e-mail and phone numbers.You will be able to update records and search the database.In particular, PHP makes it very easy to handle data submitted from a standard HTML web form.PHP code is embedded into a standard web page, where it is set off with tags and replaces the tags and their content with the output of the code before sending the page to the browser.

It is an excellent free set of scripts that will provide you with an administrative interface for your My SQL database(s).

Since the code is embedded directly into the page, PHP is fairly quick to write and easy to maintain.

PHP is not the only language to use such a technique -- Microsoft's Active Server Pages and server-side Java Script both work similarly.

Freedom2Surf are a free (banner supported) web host and support PHP and have My SQL installed.

Host Rocket are an excellent web host and can offer you 300MB of space with PHP, My SQL and loads of other extras for under a month.PHP is the open-source variation on this common theme.